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Bloodletter Demo


Surfacing from the sunshine state new Brisbane 4 piece BLOODLETTER deliver 5 tracks of dark and energetic post-punk on their new demo out on Lost in Fog Records, April 2017. Front-woman Lena's vocals deliver powerful winding lyrics combined with hooky goth inspired guitar riffs reminiscent of SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES & THE CHAMELEONS. Moving away from tropes Bloodletter melt a darker post-punk style with the jittery feelings of 77" garage punk bands like THE WIPERS.

Featuring members of 100%, Manhunt, Teargas, Last Chaos, Dreamtime & Zodiac.

White or Red covers.

Use the discount code "PICKUP" when checking out if you would like to pick-up an order in Melbourne. Please email Lost in Fog after placing your order to arrange a time & place.

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