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Night Voices Compilation Vol.1 **U.S. VERSION**

Image of Night Voices Compilation Vol.1 **U.S. VERSION**


Night Voices is a compilation of 14 eclectic tracks collected to document a thriving goth & dark punk scene, featuring contemporary artists from all over the world. A collaborative release between Lost in Fog Records (Asia/Pacific), Occult Whispers Records (North America) & Inflammable Materials (Europe)

Side A
Air Hunger "Raise the Flag and look to the Skies"
Spectres "Figures in the Sand"
Rule Of Thirds "Pleasure Hive"
Pawns "Death to the Acolytes"
Sierpien "Ты (You)"
Silent Scream "Railroaded"
Blue Cross "Civilized"

Side B
Annex "Silencio"
Eerie "Living Flesh is Burned"
Gast "Futuro"
Crimson Scarlet "June"
Salome's Dance "Spectacle"
Masses "Hidden"
Cemetery "430 Blood City"

If you are in Melbourne and would like to arrange a pick-up rather than paying postage choose the "Afghanistan" $0 postage option and add a note to your order if you like.