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Lái Demo


Lái has produced 5 tracks of of blistering Swedish influenced d-beat punk propelling raging vocals right into the face of the listener. Vocalist Aldas lyrics engage with voices that explore politics, religion, feminism and queer rights in South East Asia and the diaspora. Sung in both Bahasa Indonesian and English and the band name taken from the Chinese Mandarin phrase meaning 'to come/next,' Lái invoke identities and themes that often inter-connect but also conflict in the
world around us.

For fans of Totalitar & G.L.O.S.S., featuring members of Pisschrist, Extinct Exist, Nuclear Death Terror, Masses, Ubik & Occult Blood

Use the discount code "PICKUP" when checking out if you would like to pick-up an order in Melbourne. Please email Lost in Fog after placing your order to arrange a time & place.