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Exposure Demo

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5 tracks of space-age post-punk from the grit and grime of Sydney. Featuring members of NAKED ON THE VAGUE, GREY PLACES, and more, EXPOSURE present a melodic yet aggressive approach to the gothic rock sound very much in keeping with greats RUDIMENTARY PENI, CHRISTIAN DEATH, SIEKIERA, KILLING JOKE, and SKELETAL FAMILY.
For me it’s the sound of a spinning room, of one too many drinks at the bar before stumbling out onto Kings Cross and the chaos of voices and faces that meet you there. Layers of sound punctuated by mechanical rhythms and a looseness in the vocals that really hits a nerve. A solid first offering and an intriguing introduction to the group.

Use the discount code "PICKUP" when checking out if you would like to pick-up an order in Melbourne. Please email Lost in Fog after placing your order to arrange a time & place.